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Sad Snail Productions
- Sam Coupe Program List

The following is a list of all software written by Sad Snail Productions for the Sam Coupé platform. (Also included below are programs written by Unc ,possibly under another programming name, before the formation of Sad Snail Productions)

Starshot (FRED 24b)
GamesMASTER shoot'em up - This was Unc's ever GamesMASTER game, well actually it wasn't, but it was his first semi-decent one.

2D Graph (FRED 45)
Graphing Package - Basically Unc had been writing a whole load of WIMP type basic routines, and wanted to showcase them, so he dug out an old simple graphing routine (draws graphs of the form y=f(x) or of the form y=f(t) x=g(t)) and used this as a front end (adding about 15k to the size of it). However it does look reasonable.

Mine! (FRED 46)
MineSweeper Game - Unc wanted a nice minesweeper game that was reasonably customisable, so he wrote this. It is a bit slower than he'd like.

Fortress (FRED 54?)
Strategy Game - One of the first things Unc meant to do when he got his Sam, was to convert a BBC game he'd played called Barrage. He suddenly remembered all about it one day, and decided that it was about time he did so. It's a 'fire projectiles at each others base' game. This is the first Sam Program to have included some routines by Manga!

Urm, dunno what you'd call it really, but it's done on GamesMASTER - No sooner than Fortress was in the post, than Unc wanted to start something else, so he asked his housemates for ideas. This was the first real joint project with Manga, and Sad Snail Productions was born!
Already this has been refered to as a Classic!, and a PC version is in production.

Slidey Menu! (FRED 63)
Unc finally decided that he should write some Music, and write something in Sam C. A menu was chosen as the showcase and this was the result. Deciding that he'd have to do something really special to get it used, Unc decided to have a game built into the menu!
Also known as the infamous "Nasty Memory Eating Menu", Slidey Menu suffered bad press due to Unc originally failing to notice that the E-Tracker player he was using went and altered the Page Allocation table to disasterous results. Manga has made comment that it would never have happened had he been around to add input, although he did offer a few improvements while the E-Tracker player was being patched.

The Sad Snail Collection Trilogy
Three games that never appeared on FRED, these games were written during a rough patch in Fred's history, and at the time of writing are only available on the Sad Snail Collection.

3D Maze (Sad Snail Collection)
A 3d maze program in which the map itself is 3d, allowing you to turn up and down as well as left and right.
Whirlpool (Sad Snail Collection)
A puzzle game involving pushing blocks about the screen. Based on Whirlpool from the Monochrome BBS.
BlackBox (Sad Snail Collection)
Also available on Monochrome, another puzzle game, this time based on locating objects within a grid using as little information as possible.

The Sad Snail Collection (172k Zipfile)

All of the above programs are available on "The Sad Snail Collection". This takes the form of a disk image for use with the SimCoupe Emulator (but there is software available elsewhere to transfer this to a real disk for use on a real Sam).

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