Sad Snail Productions

Sad Snail Productions began life as a programming group producing quality software for the Sam Coupé Computer. With a relaxed outlook on life, we are small and friendly, yet highly professional.

The members of Sad Snail Productions haven't stopped with the Sam though, and have moved on to produce a range of software running on a range of machines.

So that we only produce software of the highest, we do not force ourselves to strict project deadlines. We will happily scrap a project because "It doesn't feel right." Meaning that software we do produce we have enjoyed writting and therefore put the most effort into.

Our first major program was the game "EGGBuM" for the Sam. This was freely distributable, and was included on the popular Sam disk magazine "Fred". A PC version, with additional features, is currently being written.

Sad Snail Productions were:
"Unc" "Manga"

Links relating to our Sam Coupé work:
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Manga has also written some useful utilities under the name of "Virtual Banana Software".

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